Too dumb to be corrupt? Don't believe it for a second

October 20, 2011

The editorial "To dumb to be corrupt?" in Wednesday's Baltimore Sun really does more than just cite the total lunacy of the defense for Sen. Ulysses Currie, it also raises questions about the entire General Assembly. Have they all succumbed to the rising tide of selective ethical behavior seemingly swelling within public office holders? This is the very type of behavior that is the foundation for "it's only wrong if you're caught" mentality.

I don't for a minute believe the senator is dumb, stupid, inept, or incapable. Corporations do not give out quarter million dollar contracts to such persons. One has to have performed well and achieved the confidence and support of ones peers to be entrusted with the Budget and Taxation Committee, a crucial function for the state.

I think that it is time for all our "representatives" to double check their annual ethics filings to make sure there are no other "little" oversights or "minor" omissions.

Joe Scher, Millersville

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