Parking on a public street

October 20, 2011


Street parking in Havre de Grace recently came up as an issue at my house. Not because people park in front of our home daily; we actually do not mind that at all. We live right across the street from a business in town, and we are used to sharing our street space. We do also have private parking behind our home, which makes it easier for us as well. 

My 18-year-old son went to a friend's house who lives in town and parked on the street in front of someone else's home.

When he came out of his friends house, someone had parked in front of his car, bumper to bumper. My son just purchased his new (used vehicle) two months ago. He loves that car and he is so responsible about driving. My son had no idea if the person even realized what they did and went to the door of the person's house to ask if they hit his car. The gentleman was not too happy with my son at this point and I am sure he did tap his car, but no damage was done.

Once my son called me, I knew exactly what was going on. The owner of the home was trying to make a point that he did not appreciate my son parking in front of his home. It was quite a lesson to explain to my son that this gentleman probably deals with people parking in front of his home all the time. Being raised to respect your elders and treat others the way you would like to be treated came back to haunt us. I try to remember how I felt owning my first car, and I knew how my son felt.

The reason I even bring this up is for us as a town to not assume that people are being disrespectful when they park in front of our houses. I know it can be a pain at times. I also understand when it snows and you shovel your spot out, that it is proper for you to keep your spot. Our town of Havre de Grace is a place where a lot of people live but also visit. If that gentleman would have asked my son to move his car, he would have gladly done so. We explained to him not to park his car in front of that man's house again. But if I could tell that gentleman one thing it would be, "sir, we are all citizens of this wonderful little town and respect goes both ways; not all teenagers are disrespectful, they just love their new cars.

Lisa Buonaugurio

Havre de Grace

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