'Jersey Shore' recap: Ciao, Italy!

As Pauly D would say, 'Yeahhhh buddy!'

October 20, 2011|By Wesley Case

They were ready to go, and we were ready to say ciao.

"Jersey Shore": Italy Edition ended on an anticlimatic note — no punches thrown, no hair-pulling fights, no lesbian hook-ups, no drama, period. Instead, we were forced to try and care about Mike pouting for 60 minutes, desperately hoping his roommates would beg him to snap out of it. "Will the Situation and his roommates reconcile after all of the drama he caused?" was the question MTV hoped we'd ask. But like the group, I could have cared less.

The episode picked up where the last one ended — Mike drunk at the house and the rest of the group (sans Snooki) happily stumbling home drunk. Ronnie woke Mike up to give him an ultimatum: fix his relationships or leave. Ron even compared Mike to Angelina for all of the problems he caused, and any "Jersey Shore" fan knows that's the insult to end all insults. In the end (and after sulking for most of the episode), Mike gave a limp apology to the girls "for any drama" he was responsible for, and he bought them street roses. Mike wasn't sincere and the girls didn't buy it. He'll be back for next season — at the old Jersey house — and he will likely cause the majority of the problems. We will sigh in a I-can't-believe-I'm-watching-this-again kind of way.

Other random things happened as they tend to do on season finales: a sightseeing tour (Snooki said she would give Michelangelo's David a guido makeover), a goodbye at the pizzeria, their place of "employment" (loose term based on work exerted) and a goofy non-prank where the Meatballs grabbed all of the plants outside of the house and put them on the kitchen table. Cool?

But Mike was the centerpiece, as he was the entire season. The non-fight with Ronnie, the hook-up rumor with Snooki, the wine bottle thrown at his head from Snooki — no matter the situation, dude was there.

"I have no problem playing the villain," Mike says toward the end of the episode. "I will take on the whole house at once."

If he's telling the truth, he better bring it and make it interesting, or he won't be the only one smashing his head against the wall.

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