Bernard Pollard's alter ego is 'Chocolate Therapy'

October 19, 2011|By Matt Vensel

We always learn a little something about Ravens players when we do our weekly Ravens Q&As. We learned why Lardarius Webb doesn't use Twitter often anymore. We learned that Bryant McKinnie changed the name of his music label from Swagga Entertainment to B Major Music Group. And we learned from Andre Gurode that switching from center to guard is tough and sometimes really boring to hear about.

This week, we learned that Ravens safety Bernard Pollard has an alter ego named "Chocolate Therapy."

Asked about the time he busted a move on “Hard Knocks,” Pollard told our Ed Lee: “Oh man, I've still got it. I'm telling you, I can move, man. … It's a long story, but nevertheless, everybody saw what I'm capable of. Everybody tried to get me to break it down in the locker room, but like I told them, it's one of those things where I've got to keep ‘Chocolate Therapy.’ That's my other name, my alter ego. I've got to keep that in the box.”

Chocolate Therapy? Amazing. It could only be better if they started calling Tom Zbikowski “Vanilla Therapy.”

Asked to explain “Chocolate Therapy,” which is easily the best Ravens nickname (that we know of), Pollard said, “I'm a guy who loves to have fun. You might catch me one time [dancing] maybe later in the season.”

“I can get nasty with it or I can keep it classy. Most of the time, it's ‘Chocolate Therapy’ getting down.”

And that’s how it should be, shouldn’t it?

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