Mike Preston: Cameron wasn't at fault

Offensive coordinator made proper calls in red zone

October 19, 2011|By Mike Preston

I've had some complaints with Ravens offensive coordinator Cam Cameron through the years, but didn't find much fault in the game he called Sunday against the Texans. The Ravens ended up kicking five field goals, but Cameron had little to do with their lack of success inside the red zone. In fact, the Ravens were two of four inside the 20 yard line as far as scoring touchdowns.

 If there are fingers to be pointed, it has to be at the players. When the Ravens struggled to score from the one yard line on three straight running plays in the first period, it wasn't Cameron's fault. The offensive line got beat, and running back Ray Rice should have stayed outside more on one of those plays.

 If quarterback Joe Flacco hits a wide open Torrey Smith in the back of the end zone later in the game, it's a touchdown. If the offensive line blocks better for Flacco, then he hits tight end Dennis Pitta for a touchdown down the right side line late in the second quarter. And it certainly wasn't Cameron who missed a wide opened Ed Dickson at the Houston 32 late in the first half.

 The Ravens problems were the result of a lack of execution, getting whipped physically and playing against a pretty good Houston defense. It happens. There were plays that were opened, and if executed properly, the Ravens get 17 to 20 more points. Cameron also did a nice job of pulling the plug, and slowing down the offense in the second half. Overall, I haven't had a lot of problems with the Ravens offense this season. I struggle at times with some decisions, but overall it's better than it has been the previous two years, and I think it's going to get better as the season goes on.

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