'Survivor: South Pacific' recap: Episode 6, 'Free Agent'

If Coach says someone is going home ... does she go home?

October 19, 2011|By Beth Aaltonen

Will we see Rick say more than three words this episode? Probably not until the episode he gets voted off.

At Savaii, Ozzy is realizing that it’s a freakin’ game, and that the people on his tribe might not be blindly following him. Of course, the way he puts it, it’s all blah blah loyalty, blah blah betrayed. Whatever. During his temper tantrum, he reveals that he has the Immunity Idol, which is a stupid thing to do.

After the first commercial, we’re still at Savaii, and Ozzy is still complaining about people going behind his back. So he’s going to hold his fishing over their heads. Wow, he’s acting like a baby. Even Elyse admitted that she did nothing and was only riding Ozzy’s coattails. 

At Upolu, Coach is realizing that allying himself with Brandon and Brandon’s Crazy might not be a good idea. And poor Brandon is so proud of himself for finding the last clue to the Immunity Idol, not knowing that Coach already has it. Coach thinks not telling is a "grey area" of lying. He can tell himself that all he wants, but when Brandon and Brandon’s Crazy finds out that he’s been hiding (or not disclosing) that he found it, it’s going to hit the fan. And Albert agrees with me.

And Coach is starting to draw comparisions between Brandon and Russell, saying the similarities “scare him”, but really, he’s just setting the stage to be able to get rid of Brandon without betraying his so-called loyalty and honor.

At the Redemption Island duel, Christine admits that staying on Redemption Island is getting to her. Let her spend a couple of days with Brandon and Brandon’s Crazy and she’ll be begging to go back. And they’re playing shuffleboard to see who gets to stay. My beloved Rick supports Christine and encourages her, and she responds by giving him the finger. That’s it. Christine is dead to me. Go, Elyse! Unfortunately, Christine wins and gets to stay. And Rick gets what I think is his first confessional, where he observes that should Christine come back, she’ll be “ready to kill us.”  That’s my Rick. So astute.

And more Rick talking! Dammit, he’d better not be in danger.  

Ok, Edna needs to get rid of the Treemail visor. She also thinks that, by sucking up to Coach, she’ll last longer in the game. Coach likes her, but all that will get her is voted off after Mikayla, instead of before. At best, after Brandon, if he decides to oust him. But she won’t last longer than Albert and Sophie.

Back at Savaii, Ozzy is realizing that he may have screwed up his entire game by pouting about his girl Friday being voted off. Keith, having not burned any bridges, is still willing to work with him. Ozzy tries to play off coming clean about the Immunity Idol as proof of how much he trusts them, as opposed to the hissy fit that it was.

Challenge time! What fresh hell have they thought of this week? And they’re … building a wheelbarrow and moving coconuts? Was someone doing yard work and thought, “You know, this would make a great Survivor challenge!” And wow, Savaii really sucks at this challenge. At least, Ozzy, Dawn, and Cochran do. Luckily they have Keith, Whitney and Jim to save it for them, and, despite being waayyy behind in the beginning, Savaii wins the challenge.

Based on Mikayla’s poor performance at the challenge, and Coach not being happy about it (meaning he‘s pissed she didn’t listen to him), I predict that she goes tonight (and I promise that I wrote this as the episode aired, and I also promise not to go back and change it if I’m wrong.)

Dude, Savaii’s picnic looks awesome, and I haven’t even spent two weeks starving.  

Coach flat-out states that Mikayla is going home. Oohh, but look, Albert’s getting a personality, and assures Mikayla that he’ll talk to Coach. Albert, Sophie and my Rick agree that Edna should go before Mikayla, who’s stronger. Even Brandon and Brandon’s Crazy agree, but since he gave his word, he’s going to do what Coach told him, and vote Edna out. I predict Brandon and Brandon’s Crazy will have a long and convoluted speech about betrayal at the final Tribal Council.

Ha, Coach is saying he’s at fault for the loss at the challenge, because people didn’t listen to him. He really thinks he’s in charge, doesn’t he? The man’s hubris is amazing. And let’s hope that hubris results in a massive fall like the Greeks say it should.

So Coach and Brandon want Mikayla out, and Albert and Sophie want Edna out, which leaves my Rick the deciding vote. OK, I know he can’t hear me, and this happened months ago, but please, please Rick, go with Sophie and Albert. Coach is an ass, and Brandon is crazy, both of which they show at Tribal Council.  

Wow, Brandon knew the word “lasciviousness.” Of course, he probably heard it at church, and someone explained to him what it meant.

Albert steps away from under Coach’s thumb, and votes for Edna; I just hope this doesn’t backfire on him, because I can imagine Coach is a very vengeful person when he thinks he’s been betrayed.  And … Rick has disappointed me, and Mikayla is voted out. I still love him, though.

People I liked:  Keith, Jim, and Whitney at Savaii; these three should ally together (officially) and get rid of the rest. At Upolu, my three are Rick (of course), Albert (like the spine) and Sophie.  Let’s hope both threesomes manage to get it together before they get voted off.

People I’m really starting to dislike: Coach; honor, loyalty and integrity? Sure, but only if people follow you blindly, which has nothing to do with any of those three things. Ozzy; you’re not all that and a bag of chips (although you may have started to realize that.)

Next week: Coach sets up getting rid of Brandon some more.

Credits: Yup, Rick voted for Mikayla, along with Coach, Edna and Brandon. So disappointed.bthesite10

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