Gas tax brings out the whiners

October 19, 2011

Conservatives sure like to whine about everything all the time like a bunch of overgrown babies, but I really had to laugh at the recent letter from Al Eisner ("Maryland's proposed gas tax increase is a travesty," Oct. 17). I mean, c'mon, a measly 15-cent gas tax? Last time I checked at the pump, gas has fallen about 50 cents in the past few months. Adjusting for inflation, the price of gas is now cheaper than it was when I started driving 30 years ago.

And look at the lousy condition of the roads. They're in terrible shape because they've been neglected for years, and the main reason is the spineless politicians who keep caving in to demands of "no new taxes." I still don't understand why people whine about taxes all the time yet still expect to live in a country with free roads, schools, parks, libraries, and all the other things Americans take for granted each and every day. If you really don't want to pay taxes, then stay off the roads the rest of us paid for, you freeloaders. Take your own trash someplace (but not to the dump, as my tax dollars paid for that).

Unhook your house from the sewer lines because you're overloading the sewage treatment plant we taxpayers paid for. If you get robbed, don't ask the police to help you, and if your house catches fire, put it out yourself. Oh, and if you want to send your kids to school, you'd best set aside $20,000 per child each year because that's what private school costs. And if you're over 65, how about you pay us back for all that free Social Security and Medicare you've been getting? What are you, a bunch of welfare queens?

In fact, if you're a typical conservative who doesn't want to contribute anything to society besides a constant stream of petulant whining, I have a great idea for you. Why don't you all get out of America and move someplace where they don't have taxes. I'm sure there's a yurt somewhere in Outer Mongolia you'd find nice. And they won't have any schools, roads, police, or anything else we liberals like to "waste" tax dollars on. But quit mooching of the rest of us who pay our taxes and understand what they're for.

William Smith, Baltimore

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