Consumer Website of the Week: What percentage are you?

October 19, 2011|Liz F. Kay

The Occupy Baltimore protests, like those around the country, have relied on the rallying cry of "We are the 99 percent."

If you've been curious whether your household income falls, or how close your family is to the 1 percent, the Wall Street Journal is prepared to help you.

A "percentage calculator" on the Wall Street Journal's site will tell you where your income stacks up. I discovered it via a blog post on The Atlantic website, which figured out that up to about $99,000, your income divided by 1,000 roughly equals your percentage, give or take seven percent. $40,000 is the 47th percentile, for example, whereas $50,000 is the 56th.

Here's another handy guideline from the WSJ: you have to earn more than half a million a year --- $506,000 to be precise --- for your household income to be part of the 1 percent.

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