People on Medical Assistance going without dental care

Letter to the editor

October 19, 2011

We all hear that prevention is the key to wellness. However, people with certain insurances and public assistance such as Medical Assistance lack the basic preventative care that they need. I have not seen a dentist in about 18 years simply because dentists in the area will not accept patients who have insurances with Medical Assistance.

People like me cannot pay out of pocket for one reason or another. Furthermore, people like me are on Medical Assistance for a reason, such as disability. So it is really not fair that certain people cannot get the basic dental care that they need.

The solution to this could be simple: Dentists should think again before they deny adult patients on Medical Assistance the basic dental care that they need before major dental work is needed. The more I go without seeing a dentist for the little problems that I have now, the more it gets impossible for me to pay for major dental work when I do need it.

I hope there are dentists out there reading about this major problem adult Medical Assistance recipients are facing when it comes to the lack of good preventative dental care.

Easter Kim

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