Agree/Disagree with that review: Wild Willy's in Annapolis

  • Wild Willy's in Annapolis
Wild Willy's in Annapolis
October 19, 2011|By Erik Maza | The Baltimore Sun

Here's the part where you tell me how wrong (or how right!) I was on a review.

This week's bar review is on Wild Willy's in Annapolis, which opened to much fanfare a year ago.

Before it opened, the owners billed it as "Coyote Ugly" incarnate, a bar where the music would be loud and the waitresses would sometimes dance on stage. But, it seems they haven't been able to maintain the momentum.

From the review: "The Wild Girls performances have been discontinued. The waitresses and bar staff were inattentive. And, by 11:30 on a Thursday night, the bar was not so wild. If I had to go by the crowd there, I'd say Willy was in a stupor, lazily counting the minutes until last call."

The rest of the review is here.

Agree or disagree? Do you want the Wild Girls to go back? Have you played pool at Wild Willy's? Is that the best feature the bar has going for it?

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