Proposed landfill threatens Piney Orchard community

October 18, 2011

Regarding Nicole Fuller's recent article about Anne Arundel County's Piney Orchard community, I am strongly opposed to the Tolson Rubble Landfill ("In Anne Arundel community, growth runs up against industry," Oct. 2).

First, the proposed site is situated in the middle of a densely populated area. It would be highly irresponsible to put a landfill, let alone a rubble landfill with fugitive dust emissions, in such close proximity to a residential area.

Secondly, the refuse disposal application submitted by Tolson & Associates is based on outdated information. It doesn't take into account the rapid residential development that has occurred around the proposed site since the application process began in 2002.

Finally, this is nothing but a back-door attempt by the site's owner, Cunningham Excavating Company, to push through its earlier failed application attempt. The applicant, Tolson & Associates, includes Cunningham associate William Tolson, Cunningham's children and investors.

Cunningham has a history of past environmental violations at the site, and the Maryland Department of the Environment rightly denied its previous application. This application too should be denied.

Lisa Zurmuhlen

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