Obama wise to adjust health care law

October 18, 2011

The recent article about the Obama administration's decision not to pursue the long-term care provision of the health care program was very informative and inspirational ("Obama administration drops part of health law," Oct. 15).

If my financial adviser called me and said that we should drop an investment because it is not working as we planned, I would be thankful for the advice and attention.

It is quite amusing to hear folks complaining about the Obama decision when, in fact, this is good planning and shows that there is intelligence behind President Barack Obama's thinking. Moreover, it shows he is willing to drop a program that is difficult to justify, knowing there will be criticism.

I am encouraged by this type of thoughtful planning. It is interesting that only in politics do folks criticize a leader for keeping an eye on a program's progress and viability.

John Holter, Baltimore

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