Don't let litter get you down

you can make a difference

Letter to the editor

October 18, 2011

In her letter last week, Sally Stunkel described trash accumulating along certain walking paths, and asked "What can we do?" While the situation is unfortunate, there is plenty we can do. If it's a Columbia Association pathway, I bet you could convince them to clean it up. I think its better to do it ourselves. Grab a bag and meet me down there. Send me an email at, lets work out a time and I'll help you clean it up. I'll even take three bags home to put at my curb.

In my neighborhood in Long Reach, I've participated in similar ad-hoc cleanups, as well as some sponsored by CA and the Maryland Department of Transportation. In my experience, not only are good people eager to pitch in, but trash accumulates less rapidly afterward. You may cry the next week as there will be more trash, but I bet next year it will still be vastly improved from the current situation.

Ryan Green

Long Reach

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