Splashdown a drain on CA, a headache for swimmers

Letter to the editor

October 18, 2011

In making decisions in how, when and where to spend, we know the Columbia Association applies the cost/benefit principle. Having lived in Columbia since 1968 and having swam at the Columbia Swim Center every day for more than 30 years, we urge you to revisit your decision to "fix" the flume.

The flume is a sink hole that is not profitable and is costly in ways that may not have been considered. Splashdown benefits individuals who are often not CA members at the cost of CA members (your base).

On weekends lap swimmers, swim teams, water aerobics members, etc. can only use the pool for a short time in the morning because of Splashdown taking up the entire afternoon. The operating costs of Splashdown include not only extra life guards, but the expense of reheating the pool back to the normal temperature.

More importantly the water temperature on Mondays through Thursdays following Splashdown is so cold that many of us will not swim there.

The flume presents an extra uninsured liability to the association. We've been fortunate so far in that no major accident has occurred.

Shutting down the flume presents an opportunity to save hundreds of thousands of dollars that could be better utilized elsewhere in Columbia.

Fern and Arie Eisner

Wilde Lake

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