No place for sexist subhead found in Flier news story

Letter to the editor

October 18, 2011

It is Thursday night and I'm reading through the article "Delegation mulls school board change, redistricting" and see the subheading "Three Congressmen for Howard?".

Excuse me?

No matter how the Maryland General Assembly's special session on redistricting plays out, the Columbia Flier's subheading is just plain wrong. Over the past year, I have seen numerous uses of sexist language in the Columbia Flier. Blatant sexism has no place in the Columbia, let alone in our weekly newspaper.

Your writers and editors certainly should be capable of recogizing bias in print and finding alternative ways to express jobs as gender-neutral. No doubt, some day we may have three congressional representatives, all of whom are women!

Jill Christianson

Hickory Ridge

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