A cheap shot at county staff

October 18, 2011


I wish to respond to Mr. Charlie Bayne in regards to his opinion of the job done by Harford County Department of Public Works, Division of Water and Sewer during Irene. Mr. Bayne, you really should try to learn more about a subject before critiquing someone else's performance. Mr. Hynes and his men are responsible for more than 50 pumping stations and the generators that act as stand-by power at most of them. During the height of the storm there were upward of 45 generators running. Any failures of generators, pumps or equipment were immediately addressed.

The men worked around the clock in conditions that most sane people would only look at through their living room windows. We had every available contract sewage pumper truck assisting the stations that could not quite keep up with the unprecedented rainfall. I think that Sod Run sewage plant saw upward of 50 million gallons per day flow during that storm. Their normal flow is 13 million gallons per day. That much rain simply overwhelms the system. It is impossible to keep the rain out of the system completely. That 263,000 gallon overflow was probably 80-90 percent rain water. If you think we did bad (we didn't) check the numbers for Baltimore County and City. They both had multi-millions of gallons overflowing at the same time.

The truth is sir, that myself and my co-workers, under the supervision of Mr. Brad Edwards, Mr. Carty Ingram and Mr. Hynes did a superlative job of keeping all equipment and stations we were responsible for operating properly and the sewage moving toward Sod Run where the personnel responsible for treatment also performed well above the call of duty to make sure no untreated sewage made it into the Bush River.

Timothy Shaffer


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