A little more detail on districts

October 18, 2011


I wanted to thank you for your report in Friday's Aegis on page 2 "Little Interest In Districts." However, Bryna [Zumer, Aegis reporter] left out what I feel is one of the most salient points I made in my testimony.

I said that: "Now we understand that is council is not required to follow the recommendation of its redistricting commission & in fact you can draw your own map. I would respectfully suggest that if The Council elects to draw your own map that you would public ally publish the map, your commentary on why you are proposing your map & allow for another 30 day public comment period."

It is my understanding that the county council has rarely followed the recommendations of its redistricting commission & that they typically draw their own map. I would think that if the recommendation of the commission is not followed that in the interests of good government, accountability & transparency another 30 day comment period would be put forth along with the commentary on why the new map by the council is preferable to the commission's recommendation of map 4F. I would think that would be the editorial position of The Aegis as well.

Scott DeLong

Bel Air

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