Davin Meggett on moral victories

October 17, 2011|By Matt Vensel

"You win or you don't. Either she's pregnant or she's not."

Those are the words of Maryland running back Davin Meggett after the Terps lost to the Clemson Tigers on Saturday. In addition to providing the quote of the night (and probably the season), he rushed for 69 yards and a score and added a seven-yard touchdown reception in the 56-45 loss.

Uncoincidentally, protection was not a major issue for the Terps. Quarterback C.J. Brown was sacked twice.

Anyway, amazing pregnancy reference or not, Meggett is right. The Terps were beating the Tigers by 18 points in the second half and were in line for the first big win of the Randy Edsall era, but they let them off the hook. The Terps are 2-4 now. At least they will be entertaining as long as Brown is running around like a mad man.

We’ll see if Brown and Meggett can consummate the deal and carry the Terps to a couple of victories.

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