Why is recreation a government responsibility?

October 17, 2011

A reader who responded to The Sun's editorial regarding the city's effort to find private groups to run its recreation centers objects on the grounds that this is a "responsibility of city government." Really, it's the city's responsibility to baby-sit the city's children? What happened to the parents in this equation? What happened to their responsibilities?

The city government's responsibilities include such things as public education, garbage pickup, safety, and enforcing and enacting laws among other things. Providing basketball courts and arts and crafts lessons doesn't fall in these categories. If a city government can afford extravagances and chooses to do so, then lucky for the residents. Otherwise, either pay for the recreation centers yourself, entertain your own children, or be thankful there might be a few private companies willing to assume the responsibilities for raising your children that you're so quick to shrug off.

Donald J. Nichols

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