To classmate, Cameron O'Neill-Mullin was mentor, teammate and friend

October 17, 2011

When Cameron O'Neill-Mullin died last year in a boating accident in Australia, the school community at St. Paul's School for Girls reached out to the family with expressions of support and shared loss. Tricia O'Neill shares this letter from a classmate as an example of the comfort the family has found from Cameron's friends:

Dear Miss Tricia, Mr. Tim, and Kylie,

Words cannot express the sorrow I feel for you and Cameron. Instead, I will chose words that express the pride and joy I feel when I think of Cameron.

Cameron was the first person who took care me on the soccer team. I learned a lot from her. She gave good advice and listened when I had frustrations and questions.

In school she was the first person I wanted to tell when I did well on tests and even when I did poorly. Cameron cared for others and was willing to listen when we were happy or sad.

Cameron invited me to meet her for lunch in the Commons every Thursday. I looked forward to this lunch because I knew it would be fun and an escape from the everyday responsibilities of school; some of my best lunches were spent with Cameron.

In the winter, we spent time on the floor of the halls doing homework together while others were busy with sports. She used to offer insight to what the future held for me in school and among friends. We were so similar that I knew I could trust her advice. Cameron's advice was mature and positive.

I knew I found someone special to call my friend. Every time we passed each other in the hallway we would give each other high fives because we were the two tallest kids in the hallway. This high five reaffirmed our friendship.

In addition to height and soccer and school we shared a lot together, including a name. And while it's my name, it will forever remind me of a person I love.

From my heart to yours,

Catherine O'Neill Smith IX SPSG,

Cassie Smith #8 D-UNIT, Stopper

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