Vonta Leach likes to dress up as Santa Claus

October 13, 2011|By Matt Vensel

Gary Kubiak was asked on a Wednesday conference call with Baltimore reporters to name his favorite Vonta Leach memory, and his answer surprisingly had nothing to do with his former fullback bowling over defenders.

"Ask him if he brought his Santa Claus suit with him," the Texans coach said. “Every year around Christmas, he would come out to the walk-through with a Santa Claus suit on that kind of brought a smile to everybody’s face. Vonta is a joy to be around. Like I said, he is one of those guys that loves to play. He has a great, positive influence on all his teammates. He is a great family man. I miss him. He is a hell of a football player and a good man.”

Sure enough, I Googled “Vonta Leach Santa Claus” and found proof that Leach did, indeed, practice with a Santa suit under his Texans jersey, and he wore a fake beard, too. Check out the photographic evidence here.

Christmas already came early for Ray Rice, but hopefully Vonta Kringle stops in at the Castle in December.

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