Texans' Jacoby Jones catching more flak than passes


October 13, 2011|By Richard Justice | Houston Chronicle

The Texans don't expect Jacoby Jones to be as good as Andre Johnson. That's not the issue.

Even at his best, Jones is nowhere close. Almost no one in the NFL is. From the moment Johnson got hurt, the Texans knew everything they do on offense would be more difficult.

They guessed Arian Foster might have less room to run and Matt Schaub might have less time to throw and that they'd have less margin for error across the board.

But the thing that both excites and frustrates them about Jones is that he can and should be so much better than he has been the last two weeks.

He has the size and speed to be an impact player. The Texans know this because they've seen flashes of it in practice and at times in games during his first four seasons.

Jones frustrated Kubiak plenty of times in their first four seasons together. Kubiak had some tough-love talks with him and once left him home from a trip to Jacksonville.

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