'The Vampire Diaries' recap: Episode 5

The one with the high-school theme

October 13, 2011|By Lindsey McPherson

I didn’t think Klaus would discover Elena within the first three minutes of the show, but that’s exactly what happened. I wasn’t sure at first what that meant, but thankfully it meant the show would keep my interest the entire way through. (This episode was much needed after last week’s bore.)
So here’s the rundown:
Klaus uses Tyler (and by using, I mean Klaus fed him blood and then killed him) as incentive for Bonnie to ensure his hybrids don’t die in transition.  

Stefan tries to use reverse psychology on Klaus, but it backfires. Klaus compels Stefan to do as he says. His first task: Kill the innocent bystanders as Elena watches. (Can’t be a pleasant thing for a girlfriend to see.)
Second task: Klaus puts 20 minutes on the scoreboard in the gym to establish a deadline for Bonnie and says to Stefan: “If Bonnie hasn’t found a solution, then I want you to feed again. Only this time I want you to feed on Elena. You know you want to.”
Meanwhile, Katherine, on her road trip with Damon, reveals she kidnapped Jeremy. She uses him to contact Anna to find out who the vampire is who killed Klaus. Turns out it’s a vampire who hunts vampires (say what?!?) named Michael. I believe that Michael is who Klaus and Rebecca were running from in the Chicago flashback episode. The reason: When Damon goes to confront Klaus and save Elena in Mystic Falls and mentions Michael, Klaus runs away at the name (but not before asking Stefan, who is under his compulsion, to keep an eye on Elena).
To see his ghost sister Vicki, Matt nearly kills himself by jumping in the pool with a bunch of weight to tie him down. Bonnie, now without life-saving magical powers, dives in to rescue him and performs CPR (glad to know lifeguard training came in handy for someone; I never had to use mine). Before he “comes back to life” Matt sees Vicki and she tells him to give Bonnie a message. It’s what we viewers already know — Klaus can’t create hybrids because the doppelganger is alive.
But Klaus doesn’t believe the original witch because she hated him (who likes him?), so he tries a little experiment and gives transitioning Tyler some of Elena’s blood to drink. It works. Though hybrid Tyler tells Caroline he’s never been better, I’m sure this that won’t be the case for long.
Given the senior year of high school theme in tonight’s episode, you get the other highlights in superlative form:

Best Use of Sarcasm:
Elena asks Stefan to resist Klaus’ compulsion and he says: “Maybe it’s mind control. Maybe it just takes some focus, decades of training. No big deal.”
Best Romantic Quote Gone Wrong: Stefan to Elena: “Through all of this you are the one thing that has kept me from giving it up, from turning it on. But I can’t help what I am, Elena. The more blood that I get, the more that I want. And if I get so much as near yours, you are dead.”
Best Words Used to Stick it to Someone: Damon leaves Katherine and Jeremy to go save Elena from Klaus. Katherine says: “The Damon I know wouldn’t have been that stupid.” Damon responds: “I wouldn’t have done it for you.”
Worst Bet: “Given the choice [of] doppelganger or hybrid, I go hybrid every time,” Klaus said. He should have never bet against Elena, though technically he still won since Tyler lived.
Lamest Scene: Stefan running into walls and lockers to resist the urge to drink Elena’s blood.
Best Quote to Summarize the Series: “The only thing stronger than your craving for blood is your love for this one girl,” Klaus says to Stefan.
(A close second was Matt saying to Bonnie: “Elena’s dating a vampire, you’re a witch, my sister’s a ghost and I’m, I’m just a guy who’s wondering how life got so screwed up.”)
Best Moment of Denial: “Is that what this is about, your obsession with hybrids? You just don’t want to be alone?” Rebecca asks Klaus. Of course he doesn’t answer.

Most Overused Line in TV: “I promise I will never leave you again,” Damon to Elena.

Best Way to Recover the Scene After that Line: Have the other vampire who loves Elena walk in (that’s Stefan, in case you can’t figure it out). 

Most Predictable Cliffhanger: Katherine opens the tomb of the slumbering vampire hunter Michael, and he opens his eyes.
And for your preview lovers: “Stefan is high on human blood.” Enough said.

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