'Jersey Shore' recap: Cast wears out welcome in Italy

October 13, 2011|By Luke Broadwater

Tonight's 'Jersey Shore' episode revealed that Italians feel pretty much the same way we Americans feel about the cast of the show: They don't want them in their country. 

On several occasions in the episode, dozens of people in bars singled out the cast members for ridicule and mocking chants. 

At one point, it seemed like an entire bar was chanting "Shame" at the cast (while Mike and Ronnie shouted angrily at crowd); Deena and Snooki complained that people were making fun of them while they were dancing (which raises the question, what else is one to do when Deena and Snooki are dancing?); and a bartender threw ice at the two meatballs (which, of course, started an angry, drunken fight).

There were other things, of course, that happened in the episode: Snooki admitted to her on-again, off-again boyfriend Jionni that she slept with Vinny; Pauly rejected Deena's advances once again; cast members introduced the phrases "guido problem" and "meatball problem"; Deena and Snooki explained that hookers and people from New Jersey dress identically; Jenni and Sam inexplicably became friends; Sam and Ronnie inexplicably didn't fight; and we learned what everyone already knows: No one likes Mike. 

Still, the penultimate episode of this season was wrapped up nicely when the cast members all agreed over dinner that they were ready to leave Italy. Yes, and so are the Italians. 

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