NFL player poll: Only Harrison is meaner than Lewis

October 12, 2011|By Matt Vensel

Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis was voted as the second “meanest” player in the NFL in Sports Illustrated’s weekly player poll. He trailed Steelers headhunter linebacker James Harrison by a wide margin in the voting.

Lewis garnered 15 percent of the votes from the 287 NFL players who responded to SI's survey, and if Jets tight end Dustin Keller was one of those 287 players polled, I’m guessing he cast his vote for Lewis.

Harrison, whose fines for illegal hits last season spanned to six figures, received 35 percent of the vote from his peers. A week ago, his Steelers teammate Troy Polamalu was revealed as the NFL’s nicest player by SI.

Anyway, Lewis shouldn’t take this honor personally. He is respected throughout the NFL for his passion and serves as a mentor to players here and elsewhere. When he buckles up his chin strap, he is one scary dude. He'll clean your clock with a hard, legal hit then whisper words of encouragement in your ear after the game.

That isn’t so mean, is it?

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