Agree/Disagree with that review: Blob's Park

  • A guest at Blob's Park
A guest at Blob's Park
October 12, 2011|By Erik Maza | The Baltimore Sun

Here's the part where you tell me how wrong (or how right!) I was on a review.

This week's bar review is on the legendary, enormous, impossible-to-dislike Blob's Park in Jessup. Blob's Park has been in Maryland since 1933, and claims to be the first place in America to celebrate Oktoberfest.

As the Bavarian celebration winds down, it might be the spot in town for oompah music and German beer.

From the review, "Blob's is Maryland's very own Valhalla, a beer hall as big as an airport hangar where German culture is celebrated year-round, though with especially distinguished gusto during these few weeks in the fall. The restaurant's Oktoberfest, which started Sept. 17 and ends Oct. 30, features a special menu — including, natch, a wide selection of sausages — and live music every Saturday and Sunday."

The rest of the review is here. Blob's Oktoberfest ends October 30.

Agree with the review? Were you there on a recent Saturday when the power went out? Did you stick around anyway? Have you bought your very own goofy, novelty hat?

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