Walking around the neighborhood, you never know what you'll see

Letters to the Editor

October 11, 2011

I was going to write something about how nobody in Lutherville seems to walk on the brand new York Road sidewalk that runs from the Beltway to Ridgely Road, but something happened last Monday night, Oct. 3, that seems to illustrate the point.

I was having dinner with my family in Orchard Hills, wondering why there was a helicopter was circling the neighborhood with the spotlight on — you see this every so often in the Towson area, but it seemed close. By about 7:30 p.m., they seemed to be looking elsewhere.

At 8:30 p.m., I took a walk to Ocean Pride on York Road, heading up on the new sidewalk past Seminary Avenue. I noticed a group of police cars gathered in the Galleria parking lot, along with a news van.

I spent an hour at Ocean Pride, watching football and listening to the Monday night crowd, just like I've been doing every Monday for the past five years. I paid my tab, said good night to Charlie and Mike behind the bar, and left to walk home.

Heading back on York Road, I came upon Seminary Exxon on the corner of York and Seminary (run by Chip Marvel, the most honest mechanic I have ever met). As I walked to the parking lot I noticed three police cars parked around the gas pumps. Then, right there by the wooden fence that borders the back of the station, there erupts a fury of policemen yelling and two German shepherds barking.

As I stood there, no less than 20 police cars came roaring into the parking lot.

I asked a young officer who it was they just caught — but he was busy and didn't seem to have time to chat. I later learned it was the man who escaped from police custody earlier that evening. He had used the stations pay phone and was caught right after.

Other pedestrians walked in and we talked about the capture in the relative quiet of the Seminary Exxon store while the police took the man away.

I think this whole experience proves two points. First, the Baltimore County Police — and other law enforcement on the scene — kick butt. I don't know what that suspect did, but they rounded him up like true professionals.

Secondly, people around Orchard Hills need to take advantage of the brand new sidewalks that our tax dollars paid for, and for which we put up with while the construction was going on.

You just don't see exciting stuff like this walking the dog around the neighborhood streets and cul de sacs.

Patrick Sheridan


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