Long-time friend supports Laurel mayoral candidate to 'see change'

October 11, 2011

I have known Mike Sarich for 30 years. We grew up in Laurel, friends and classmates together at St. Mary of the Mills and St. Vincent Pallotti. We have watched our vibrant community turn slowly into what it is today —a shell of the once stand-up city it used to be. We've watched friend after friend and family after family leave the town they spent 20+ years in, because they couldn't bear to watch their city die a slow, painful death. The Laurel Mall and Main Street have fallen by the wayside. Local businesses can't survive and long-time businesses have shut their doors. The million dollar question is "how did we let it get this bad?" Nine years of poor planning, lack of insight and poorly made decisions. How can we continue down that path? Mike Sarich opens paths, just like he did with the Laurel Lakes path. Mike has a vision, and once he has his eye on something, he sees it through. I've known him to take on challenges and tackle them all. With Mike Sarich in office, we will see change. It's not too late to turn it around, but that won't happen with the current administration. Nine years is long enough to prove that point.

Megan Wheatley


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