His political ambitions have Ulman steamrolling citizenry

Letter to the editor

October 11, 2011

The recently approved Clarksville traffic study is the second serious repudiation of County Executive Ken Ulman in a very short period. The other being the recent Board of Education denunciation of the "diversity" plan proposed to strong-arm minorities onto the school board. The latter is a most un-American proposal, highlighting Mr. Ulman's desperate and ham-handed attempt to lay the ground work for a run for governor. He's transparently trying to buy the primary votes of Baltimore and Prince George's County at the expense of Howard County citizens, who are not inclined to fabricate discrimination where it doesn't exist.

The power of the Democrat machine has gone to his head and he is now abusing the citizenry. As far as I'm concerned, two strikes and you're out (though there are several more for baseball fans who are counting). Howard County would certainly be the better off if Mr. Ulman retires from both local and state politics.

Joe Loiacono

Ellicott City

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