Dobbins Island owners deserve better

October 10, 2011

I could not help but shake my head when reading the article regarding Dobbins Island, a private property that is being totally abused by the uncaring public ("Islet at center of battle over private versus public rights," Oct. 6). This island, which once consisted of 13.5 acres, has been vandalized and diminished by persons trespassing there, perhaps completely unaware of the damage they have caused. They talk of romantic evenings by a bonfire on the beach. Ah, yes, with bushes and branches broken off nearby vegetation, adding to the erosion that has left that island reduced now to 7.2 acres. Vandals burned down the house that had survived there for 100 years in 1953.

David and Diana Clickner bought that island only after it was refused by Anne Arundel County, the Maryland Department of Natural Resources and all other government agencies. Local officials cited the exorbitant cost to taxpayers because of security, liability and other expenditures. Although the property has been posted with no trespassing signs, former owners were sued because of injuries sustained on that island by trespassers.

Members of the Magothy River Association have expressed concern over the destruction of oyster beds if construction were to take place there. Have they considered the effect of anchors dragging and propellers revving from hundreds of boats during the Bumper Bash and other events in those waters? Not to mention the human waste that must have been left in the river after each of these questionably contrived gatherings.

Polly Thornton, Elkridge

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