Diversity a smokescreen for real aim of proposal: control

Letter to the editor

October 10, 2011

Benjamin Fanklin, when asked at the close of the constitutional convention whether we had a republic or a monarchy, answered, "A republic, if you can keep it." I can see no better example of this drift to monarchy or totalitarianism than this recent attempt by County Executive Ken Ulman, Del. Frank Turner and others to silence their opposition on the county school board.

This blatant attempt to seize control of the board by changing how the board is made up is wrong. What Ulman, Turner, et al, are seeking to do is to eliminate dissent by placing two members who would be in the back pocket of this cabal, thereby virtually assuring that any initiative that they think is best for us, they can push through.

With these two guaranteed votes, and the other two votes that other members seem to be more than happy to always give them, they would have the four-vote majority on the seven-member board. And the populist claptrap being spewed forth by the Ulman/Turner cabal about the reason for this change being to increase diversity is a prevarication.

The object of all of this nonsense is simply to silence the voice of one member and one member only: board member Allen Dyer, whose only crime is his wish that the board perform its duties in the open rather than behind closed doors. To satisfy their anger at this member's insistence that things be done in public, and to silence this member, they, Ulman/Turner, are willing to totally rework how the board is made up and sacrifice democracy and freedom at the altar of their egos and what they believe is best for us.

Thomas Goodman

Mount Airy

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