Cameras, cast and crew of 'Route 66' came to Catonsville in 1961

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October 10, 2011

An article in the Oct. 12, 1961 edition of the Herald Argus and Baltimore Countian reported that the cast and crew of a popular television series was in town.

Hollywood came to Catonsville this past week as Lancer Productions, Inc., producers of the television show "Route 66", brought a cavalcade of cast, technicians, staff and big vans full of equipment into the Baltimore area to film three episodes for the series.

Catonsville was chosen as the setting for many scenes in one of the forthcoming episodes, "Bridge Across Five Days" which was written by Howard Rodman.

The company spent three days of last week filming sequences in the buildings and on the grounds of Spring Grove Hospital; then returned to the area this week for more shots around the Paradise loop area and at the Claude B. Doing home, 6220 Frederick road.

Wherever they worked, crowds pressed close to watch the actors, directors and crew; the cameras, lights, reflectors and other equipment in action. There was the racket of an engine from one of the vans and the scurry of men carrying out orders. Catonsville policemen struggled to keep traffic moving. It was all very novel and very exciting.

Editor's note: "Route 66" was a weekly series on CBS which featured its two stars traveling the country in a Corvette convertible. It aired from 1960-64. According to, the episode filmed in and around Catonsville aired on Nov. 17, 1961. In it,a fellow employee of the two stars working in a shipyard had recently been released from a mental hospital.


Goblins and witches beware! Hallowe'en's coming to Westview.

Window paintings, poster paintings, costumes, prizes and a band leading the big parade starting at 8 p.m.

St. Agnes Council No. 4449 , Knights of Columbus will sponsor the fourth annual Hallowe'en party and parade at Westview on Tuesday evening, Oct. 31 beginning at nightfall.


A record enrollment of 1,570 students at the Arbutus Junior High was reported this week by Edward W. Brumbaugh, principal. The school was built to accommodate 1,340 pupils; however, it opened its first year in 1958 with a capacity load of 1,366.

This year, the largest class is the 8th grade with a total of 541 boys and girls divided into 16 sections; the 9th grade is a close second with 538 students in 18 sections. There are 175 boys and girls in the 7th grade with 13 sections. A special education class has 16 boys and girls. Boys outnumber the girls 812 to 758.

With the record-breaking enrollment, there is the largest teaching staff ever to serve the school, 72 men and women, 19 of them new to the school. Among the new staff members is the vice principal, George P. Dausch III, former administrative assistant at Stemmers Run Junior High School.

75 Years Ago

An article in the Oct. 9, 1936, edition of The Catonsville Herald and Baltimore Countian noted that a powerful Texas congressman who would become best known for his 1946 legislation protecting trademarks, was scheduled to speak in Catonsville to drum up support for the re-election of President Franklin Roosevelt in his campaign against Kansas Gov. Alf Landon.

Congressman Fritz Garland Lanham of Fort Worth, Texas, will be the principal speaker at the Democratic rally to be held in the Alpha Theatre Building, Catonsville, next Thursday evening, October 15. Representative Lanham, a member of Congress for the past sixteen years and a member of several important Congressional committees, will describe his experiences and trace the work of the Roosevelt administration. He will advocate the re-election of President (Franklin) Roosevelt.


Robert C. Hilprecht, Jr., and Malcolm Ogle, both of Catonsville, Maryland, won the scholarships in the School of Engineering of the Johns Hopkins University that were open to residents of Baltimore County this year. These scholarships entitle the holders to free tuition throughout their course. A number of young men applied for admission and six of them qualified for the scholarship examination. This examination covered mathematics, English and one foreign language. Messrs. Hilprecht and Ogle stood first and second, respectively, among those who took the examination from Baltimore County. They were certified by State Senator John D. C. Duncan as bona fide residents of Baltimore County and were awarded the Baltimore County scholarships.


Oscar Kummerlowe, Jr., was injured while returning home from the Catonsville High School last Thursday. He was riding his bicycle when a chicken became entangled in the wheel and threw him. A passing motorist took him to Spring Grove Hospital where he was given first aid treatment.


A party of "Old Timers" from Catonsville enjoyed a real fishing trip in the lower Potomac on Wednesday of this week with Capt. Tom Trott. The party was out near Tall Timbers. Most of the catch were stripers (rock) and the party of fishermen included Robert Wagner, Whitey Chalk, Charles I. Elsey and Skipper Stagmer.

100 Years Ago

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