Publicly financed campaigns would produce better candidates and more accountable leaders

October 08, 2011

Imagine a presidential election in which each candidate was limited to spending the same amount of money to finance their campaigns. The money would come from taxpayers, but it would be money well-spent. Candidates having to ask for campaign cash always have to "pay the piper" down the road. Publicly financed campaigns would free candidates of their reliance on huge contributions from big business and wealthy individuals.

Those companies and individuals are only thinking of how to line their own pockets once their candidate wins. But with publicly financed campaigns there'd be no more pay-offs to big business because the president no longer would have to answer to anyone except "we the people." The candidates also wouldn't have to worry about where their next campaign contribution was coming from.

Each candidate would start and finish with the exact same amount of money. Then we would be able to determine how wisely each of them spent the taxpayers' money. And we could see what portion was spent on discussing the things "we the people" care about — national security, industry, lower interest rates, more jobs and education, foreign policy and infrastructure.

If the winning candidate actually used the money wisely and didn't owe any favors, once he or she was elected they would really have to listen to the nation.

The same system should be used for the House and Senate in Congress.

I am tired of seeing the same old types of people running. Let's really open our pockets and find true leaders who are in it to better our country.

Edy Bondroff, Owings Mill

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