Mount Royal Tavern closed temporarily after failing health inspection

Bar hopes to reopen early next week according to owner

October 07, 2011|By Wesley Case

The Mount Royal Tavern closed temporarily Thursday night after it failed an inspection by the Baltimore City Health Department. 

The failed inspection was a result of a lack of hot water running in the bathrooms and a fruit fly infestation, according to Brian Schleter, spokesman for the health department. Schleter confirmed the bar's owner addressed both of the issues Friday morning, which included installing a new hot water tank. He says the inspection came after the department received a complaint.

Mount Royal Tavern owner Ron Carback says the bar is "shooting for Tuesday night, maybe Wednesday" for a reopening. Carback says the permit and inspection for the new heter just need to be OK'd by the health department, but that it will likely take until early next week because of the holiday weekend.

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