Five questions as Maryland prepares for Georgia Tech

We swap Q-and-As with a Georgia Tech beat writer

October 06, 2011|By Jeff Barker

To give you a look at Maryland and this week's opponent, Georgia Tech, I traded five question-and-answers with Ken Sugiura, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution’s Georgia Tech beat writer. Here are my answers to Ken's questions. His responses to my Georgia Tech-themed questions will appear soon.

1) Is "disciplined" a word you would use to describe Maryland's defense?Disciplined, yes. But also young and still learning. Maryland started three first-year players on defense last week. Injuries this season have exposed the depth issues that coach Randy Edsall, in his first Maryland season, knew going in that he had on defense. 2) Your story this week reported players having trouble adjusting to Randy Edsall's coaching style. How widespread and problematic do you think this is?I think it's all still shaking out. I reported what I knew to be true. I don't think it's unique to Edsall's program to have some players have difficulties transitioning following a coaching change -- or not prove to be good fits in an entirely new system. I think it was inevitable.   3) How do you explain the start the team has had?Up and down. That seems characteristic, right, of a young team? They're about to face their biggest test. This week is their first road game, followed by games against Clemson and Florida State. 4) Besides Danny O'Brien, who are players Tech fans should pay attention to?Davin Meggett, Maryland's leading rusher, is the son of former NFL running back David Meggett. Maryland will likely look to run against Georgia Tech. The Terps, in their no-huddle offense, haven't had many long drives this season. They just don't take much time off the clock. But running the ball efficiently would allow them some more possession time. 5) Who's a player with an interesting story/background?Titus Till, a redshirt freshman, gets the start at safety. He's in because starter Matt Robinson had shoulder surgery and is out for the season. Till, whose father was in the Air Force, grew up in Italy and Japan and says soccer was his first sport as a kid.
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