What about a sign fine?

Unless penalties are harsh, they'll still sprout up

October 06, 2011


So the illegal road signs will be taken down and the sign advertiser will receive a nasty letter. Horrors! Who's kidding whom?

The signs have been illegal for years. Those printing them and installing them know that. They also know that there will be no enforcement.

The only thing that will stop this will be severe penalties.

Your article mentions that there will be a volunteer program to remove the signs. That's great as far as it goes. May I suggest that the state and/or county (depending on whether the sign was on a state or county road) pay the volunteer $5 for each sign brought in and then fine the advertiser $25 for each of its signs brought in. That should end this blight on the county once and for all.

Louis Storm

Bel Air

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