'The Vampire Diaries' recap: Episode 4

Team Damon, it's your night. Sortof.

October 06, 2011|By Lindsey McPherson

Just like the Team Edward versus Team Jacob debate in "Twilight," there’s a battle that exists between fans of "The Vampire Diaries."
I’ve read the "Twilight" books and I know who wins, so logically I never chose the losing side (I won’t ruin it for you movie-only fans, though previews of a wedding kind of give it away). But I’ve never read the "Vampire Diaries" books, and I’m not sure how closely tied they are to the series. So I’m going to take a risk and side with the underdog. I’m officially coming out as Team Damon.

The Elena-Stefan-Damon love triangle has been an ongoing theme since fairly early on in the "Vampire Diaries" series. In this episode, upset over feeling as though she lost Stefan, Elena gets a little more chummy with Damon. And it wasn’t lost on the other characters.
“So you’re not, like, switching Salvatores are you?” Caroline asked Elena.

Meanwhile, Alaric is telling Damon: “I think you need to take a beat with Elena.”
Elena almost owns up to her feelings for Damon, after Caroline pushes her to admit that she cares about him.
“If I admit it, if I even thought it for just a second, what does that say about me?” she said.
Caroline tells Elena that makes her human — interesting, coming from a vampire.
But Elena is human, so naturally she wants to change Damon to fit more with what she wants. (Girls, when will we learn not to try to change a man?) But Damon tells Elena he’s not Stefan, so she should probably stop trying to turn him into him (yes, I know I probably picked the losing side).  
This episode was fairly boring. It’s mid-season now, so we’re just being set up for what will hopefully be good stuff later on. Here are some other plot highlights:
Ding, Dong: The Witch Is Dead
Gloria, Klaus’ witch, figures out where the original witches’ necklace is and tortures Stefan to get more information. Katherine kills her and saves Stefan.
Forgive and Forget?
Not likely for Alaric. Damon gets angry at Alaric for getting in his business and kills him, though he had the Gilbert ring on, so Damon knew he would come back to life. Still, that’s not something Alaric can readily forgive, so he decides to join the founder’s council, Mystic Falls group of vampire haters.

Guilty Conscience  
Upon her return, Bonnie learns from her boyfriend Jeremy that he is seeing his ghost ex-girlfriends. He can only see them when he is thinking about them.
Diabolical Duo
Katherine tries to team up with Stefan, but he says he likes to work alone. So of course she goes running to her second choice, Damon, who's hurt over his fight with Elena and agrees to go on a road trip with Katherine. This will probably get interesting since she now has Elena’s necklace. She pretended to be Elena to get it back from Bonnie who was studying its magic. (Really, Bonnie? You still can’t differentiate between your best friend and a vampire?)
End Scene
Rebecca figures out something is up with Stefan, so Klaus takes him back to Mystic Falls …
We see that Klaus discovers Elena is alive. It’s obviously not going to go over so well because it looks as though he’s going to force Stefan to feed on Elena.  

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