Comcast shifts last of its customers to digital

October 06, 2011|Liz F. Kay

If you've got an analog television and subscribe to Comcast's "limited basic" package --- basically broadcast channels plus Univision and some government access --- you'll need some new equipment.

Comcast is offering customers up to three digital adapters at no additional monthly charge, said spokeswoman Alisha Martin. With the adaptors, these customers will get digital-quality picture and sound as well as an additional dozen channels.

Customers who subscribe to other levels of service have already moved to digital-only, she said.

The changes begin Thurs., Oct. 6. Customers can order a self-install kit by calling 1-877-634-4434 or going to Or they can stop by a customer service center.

You can also have a technician professionally install them, but you'll have to pay a fee, Martin said.

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