A look at Edsall and the ongoing transition

October 05, 2011|By Jeff Barker

Transitions in football and in life can take time. Maybe we all underestimated how long it would take for Maryland football to move from one coach to the next.

I wrote a story for Wednesday's paper about Randy Edsall's push to make this his team with his standards and rules. The bottom line is that he's still learning which pieces fit and which don't.

Some players who were recruited by Ralph Friedgen may never feel comfortable in Edsall's program. They are very different sorts of coaches. I mention a couple examples in the story -- veteran players who feel alienated. That was probably inevitable.

“A lot of guys are making a rough transition to the way Randy Edsall wants to run things,” former Maryland receiver Emani-Lee Odai told me, intending no criticism of Edsall.

If you're a Maryland fan, the hope is that this is Edsall's most trying season and that he finds enough of his guys -- Edsall guys -- to make this all work.

Feel free to weigh in as always.


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