Gary Arthur at a glance

October 05, 2011

Was married to Martha Arthur, with three sons from a previous marriage

Scholarship football player at Clemson University

Rose from recreation director in 1979 to director of Recreation and Parks, a position he held until his death in 2010.

Worked to form strong relationship with the county school system.

Under his leadership, Howard County received accrediation from the National Recrationa and Parks Association, an honor held by fewer than 100 agencies in the country.

Introduced the use of artificial turf on public park fields, making Howard County the first in the state to do so.

Played a key role in getting the first county-owned golf course at the Timbers at Troy, along with opening the Meadowbrook Athletic Complex and Glenwood Community Center. Also was instrumental in getting the ball rolling on the North Laurel Community Center and Robinson Nature Center.

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