County exec railroading through a half-baked idea

Letter to the editor

October 05, 2011

Designing a new system of government is hard work. It took our founding fathers months of contentious debate and compromise before deciding that our Congress should consist of members elected both by local district and by state rather than, for instance, an appointed House of Lords and an elected House of Commons. In contrast, the Board of Education Study Commission met briefly over two months and decided, with allegedly little debate or outside input, that elections aren't really as good as executive appointments.

They could have decided to elect five members by district and two by countywide election, or to impose term limits, which some feel is reasonable. It isn't surprising to me that a commission appointed by the county executive would recommend the use of executive appointments and the excuse of a legislative emergency to avoid some kind of catastrophe in the next election. But instead, I propose that we try something more democratic and put it on the ballot. That is, if anyone can get enough signatures to support this hasty and unwise change.

David Thalheimer

River Hill

David Thalheimer was a candidate for Board of Education in 2010.

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