Residents should see that this development plan benefits many in Catonsville

Letter to the editor

October 05, 2011

I understand the frustration of neighbors, who feel the Baltimore County development process is unfair to communities.

However, they need to take into consideration the developer's right to build offices on a property that backs up to the Beltway and has been zoned for offices for 27 years.

This PUD is loaded with community benefits, including a generous donation to trail development.

With these funds, we will be able to continue building trails during these tough economic times. Trails reduce traffic by encouraging walking and biking to markets, restaurants and appointments.

Thanks to Councilman Tom Quirk for supporting walkable neighborhoods.

I live directly across from the proposed building and will enjoy the convenience of having a medical building close by.

Whalen Properties has bent over backwards to work with our community for the past year.

It is time for communities to look at the positive side of PUDs and the benefits they provide.

Maureen Sweeney Smith


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