Letter: Catonsville residents not in agreement with plans for medical office building

Letter to the editor

October 05, 2011

I noticed that in the past two articles printed ("Councilman offer bills related to PUD development," Catonsville Times, Sept. 28) on the proposed Whalen development along Kenwood Avenue (Southwest Physicians Pavilion), a strong bias in reporting, suggesting that the majority of the community stands behind the development.

If (Councilman Tom) Quirk had taken the time to attend the citizens' meetings, he would have been hard pressed to find a single individual in favor of this seven-story, 85,000 square foot structure. The opposition is intense.

Mr. Whalen's willingness to donate a sum of money to green space cannot necessarily replace the charm and tranquillity that come in driving along a road with mature trees and heavy undergrowth. It is not manicured but looks wild, helps to keep the air cool in summer and is home to wildlife.

Precious land like this helps define the rural ambience that residents so value in Catonsville.

We are losing it bit by bit. How tragic.


Sandy Barnett


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