Sun misses Ulman's motive for tinkering with the Howard School Board

October 04, 2011

In regard to the Sun article "School board strife" of October 2 and your editorial of September 29 supporting Howard County School Board elections by district ("Howard's school choice"), you missed the motive behind that proposal byCounty ExecutiveKen Ulman.

Mr. Ulman has said that his reason for proposing district elections was for the sake of "diversity" — ethnic and geographic.

However, the board and Mr. Ulman do not like the "diversity" of opinion which, is what board member Alan Dyer brings.

Now the truth is known! Four board members and Mr. Ulman do not like Alan Dyer!

Your editorial supporting district elections for school board members should have been written after you were aware of the real motive behind such change.

Angela Beltram, Ellicott City

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