Why limit drone strikes against Americans to other countries?

October 04, 2011

I wasn't surprised to see that the peanut gallery on the far right has no objection to the Obama administration's use of extra-judicial murder against people it deems sufficiently anti-American (whether or not they have actually committed a crime). ("Cheney praises Obama after strike against cleric," Oct. 3.) Since the right wing in this country seems to feel murder of anyone they don't agree with is perfectly fine, I suggest we start to apply the same policy to some of the homegrown, right-wing terror groups in this country that have so far enjoyed the safety provided by the United States while at the same time calling for the violent overthrow of the government.

It's not like we don't know these people are dangerous. Look at Timothy McVeigh as an example. He carried out the second worst terrorist attack in our history, exceeded only by Osama bin Laden.

But while Mr. McVeigh received a fair trial, Mr. bin Laden was murdered without any sort of due process whatsoever. And now that doctrine of extra judicial murder has been declared legal for use against American citizens as well.

Well then, I say if we're going down the path to the dark side, we might as well go all in. Let's start with Predator drone strikes against the militia movement, skinheads, and any other group that has even so much as mentioned overthrowing the U.S. government or assassinating the president. No trials, no accountability, just remote controlled death from the sky that no one sees coming. If the right wingers have no problem with murdering traitors, with no judge or jury to ask questions, then they certainly shouldn't have a problem when we apply the same standards to them.

After all, a traitor is a traitor whether he's wearing a turban or a tricorn hat.

William Smith, Baltimore

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