Constellation/Exelon merger: Bigger isn't better

October 04, 2011

Will we never learn that bigger is not always better? Remember "too big to fail"? When the banks got too big. Wall Street got too big. Executive bonuses got too big.

We are told that government has grown too big

Now we are trying to grow our utilities too big. When Exelon gobbles up Constellation Energy and Baltimore Gas and Electric Co., who will lose? Baltimore will lose, big time. When Exelon decides to cut back departments and workers, where do you suppose those people will be cut? From Baltimore of course. Exelon is a Chicago company. Baltimore will naturally be the first place to cut. Cut jobs. Cut services. Cut power supplies. But don't look for them to cut any executive salaries; in fact the Exelon CEO is set to receive a $21 million dollar bonus when BGE becomes another Exelon satellite.

David A Liddle, Pasadena

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