Don't cry for terrorists killed by drone strikes

October 04, 2011

Our enemies have gone underground, no state, no nation, no identity. They clobber our soldiers with roadside bombs. Then they seek protection under international law or U.S. law

I think most Americans agree that once we establish the identity of the enemy, it is our right to eliminate the threat ("A legitimate target?" Oct. 3). There may be some innocent bystanders. Maybe they should keep better company.

Maybe they should consider working with peace loving people to eliminate these terrorists. If you know of a terrorist, or a loud mouth who is wanting to kill Americans, maybe you should tell someone about it. If you keep quiet maybe you are the enemy.

We don't need to employ mass murder. But we have a right to defend ourselves. Our drones can hit a dime at several hundred miles. It is not right that our troops are being killed daily. Perhaps if we kill enough terrorists with drones, maybe terrorists will stop terrorizing. Just a thought.

Mike McSpaden, Catonsville

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