Accommodating differences is an American tradition

Letter to the editor

October 04, 2011

As the Maryland legislature begins again to debate same-sex marriage, there are a few points to be considered:

A. Those who believe it violates God will, should let God handle it in His way;

B. Those who feel it is against the "will of the people" should recall that slavery, and no voting by women, were in that category not too long ago. Had the good people in this country not fought for equal rights, the black, female legislators against same-sex marriage would be living a very different life today.

C. Those who want a government official or policeman deciding on what goes on in their bedroom may want to look in the mirror.

Same-sex marriage is important because it brings an equality to people, just the same as equal rights were created in our country for every person, no matter where they came from. The people here before every new arrival made some adjustments in what was acceptable, except for those coming here as slaves. The folks against same-sex marriage ought to think about what their situation would be if the rules were not changed to accept their forefathers on an equal basis.

Rich Madzel

Wilde Lake

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