Lack of lines on Route 99 presents serious hazard in school zone


Letter to the Editor

October 04, 2011

What has to happen for official, painted lines to be put on Route 99 between Tiller Drive and McKenzie Drive in Ellicott City?

There are only "suggestions" of where lines are presumably going to be painted in front of Mt. Hebron High School, but nothing very helpful, or permanent. The double yellow lines in the rest of this area have been fading to the point where there are several places where the color is gone entirely.

School has now started and soon driver education classes will be starting. Does someone have to be injured or killed before the road is properly marked? When I contacted the County Council member for that district I was referred to someone at the State Highway Administration. When I asked if this was truly the SHA's responsibility I was sent to a website that wasn't very clear to me.

So, I guess it really boils down to this: Who is responsible for marking the section of Route 99 between Tiller and McKenzie, when are they planning to do it, and can they please do it before there is a serious accident in the area?

Mimi Arsenault

Ellicott City

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