A responsibility to ask

October 04, 2011


I cannot understand how the members of the volunteer fire and EMS organizations of the county can object to having to submit their budgets to the county executive's office for review prior to receiving money for that budget.

The money provided to these organizations, some $7 million (yes, MILLIONS) of dollars are provided for their operation and yet they object to someone requesting to review their spending of this money to insure that it isn't wasted. Additionally one of the other main objections was for the individuals handling the money be bonded. Like this is an insult. Maybe they already forgot about the thousands of dollars that was "LOST" from the new Patterson Mill High School just last year.

The county executive and the county council have a fiduciary responsibility to the citizens of the county to insure that the money paid in taxes is not wasted. No one receiving any money from the county should object, rather they should expect to have their spending of that money reviewed and accounted for.

Additionally, budgets are not prepared after the money is received but before it is received. If the various functions practiced zero-based budgeting then they would be ready to submit budgets that they feel are reasonable and ones that are more likely to be approved providing that they prepare them while taking into consideration the current economic conditions.

August J. Nicastro

Forest Hill

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